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We have rushed to launch this basic site because we have some useful info that needs to get into FTHBs hands. When we are done with it, this site will be full of videos and content that will answer most potential buyer's questions and provide them with valuable information and insight they need to make a good home purchase decision.
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How much can you afford?

The links to resources below will help you determine what you can afford. Keep in mind that they are rough guidelines and if you are thinking of making a purchase you should speak to a mortgage broker like myself to determine your exact qualifying amount. Did you know that my services are free to you if you have medium to good credit?

Purchasing Power Charts
Why Are You Renting Charts

New Mortgage Rules - July 9, 2012

The government of Canada introduced new mortgage rules July 9, 2012 including a max of 25 year amortizations. The Purchasing Power Charts page and the Why Are You Renting Charts pages have been updated to show comaprisons of the impact of 25 vs 30 year amortizations and the impact of the rules. For the full details of the changes here:
PDF: New Mortgage Rules as of July 9,2012